MICHAEL PLUMP  -::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
205 E 14th St. Apt. 3B                                        503.880.4681
New York, NY 10003                                        plumpy@gmail.com

:::::-  SUMMARY  -::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Experienced programmer and systems administrator with strong background in
Java, Perl, and Linux.

This resume is mostly out of date since I'm not looking for jobs.

:::::-  EMPLOYMENT HISTORY  -:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Google                                              October 2011 - Present
Software Engineer
  * Java

Tripwire, Inc.                             September 2006 - September 2011
Senior Software Engineer
  * Mostly Java, some C++, rare Python and Perl

American Tescor, LLC                         October 2005 - September 2006
Software Engineer
  * C, Python, misc. sysadmin, etc.

Portland State University                       July 2005 - September 2005
Research Assistant (to Dr. Dick Hamlet)
  * Some minor perl hacking

Credit Bureau of Columbus, Inc.                  December 2002 - July 2005
    (formerly Federal Research Co., LLC)
Software Engineer
  * Designed and implemented a Java/Struts web-based system for filing
     corporate documents and managing past filings.
  * Created Java web applications that communicated with a FoxPro
     accounting system.
  * Wrote a Java library for low-level PDF manipulation (parsing PDFs into
     a DOM, allowing changes, and then writing out a PDF from the DOM).
  * Administrated the company's UNIX (Linux, Solaris, and OpenBSD)
     servers, including Oracle, Tomcat, WebLogic, mail, file, backup,
     source control, and other systems.

GMx Technologies, Inc.                       December 2001 - December 2002
Software Engineer
  * Designed and coded the company's principal product, a Perl-based
     command line program to keep critical system files under revision
  * Designed a Java-based tool for transparently encrypting and
     authenticating arbitrary TCP connections over SSL/TLS (including
     support for authentication of specific protocols).

Qsent, Inc.                                           July 2000 - May 2001
Software Engineer
  * Helped create a software back-end in Perl designed to support several
     applications running on a variety of web-based platforms (HTML, Palm,
     WML, and HDML).
  * Designed and implemented the database layer of the programs, working
     extensively with database architects.
  * Created Perl applications that communicated with Java applications
     via inbound and outbound XML.
  * Led meetings with business development managers to develop and explain
     critical sorting algorithms at the core of a product, finally
     implementing those specifications in Perl and Java.
  * Implemented several of the critical custom sorting algorithms in Perl
     and later ported them to Java as part of a slow migration process.
  * Helped explain and implement a sane plan for source control
     procedures such as branching, tagging, and merging, to help fit the
     company's goals.

Miralink Corporation                            September 1999 - June 2000
Software Engineer
  * Co-created a mod_perl web front-end for commercial UNIX backup
  * Created Perl tools to monitor, log, and report (via SMTP and SNMP)
     information related to the real-time backup software.
  * Designed and maintained bug-tracking solutions for the product.

Hurrah Internet Services                     January 1999 - September 1999
Perl Programmer/Computer Consultant
  * Designed a relational database and a mod_perl-based web interface for
     a large VAR of computer equipment.
  * Administered and maintained the server for maximal uptime.
  * Set up and administered corporate networks at client sites.

:::::-  OUTSIDE AFFILIATIONS  -:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

skylab.org                                        September 1996 - Present
(skylab.org is a 150-user Linux system providing shell access and
 free communications to those who want it.)
  * Co-administered system on a day-to-day basis, performing maintenance
     and resolving issues as they arose.
  * Created a program to monitor and track usage of the system and help
     find security breaches.
  * Oversaw several system upgrades, moving to new hardware as funds

Open Source Software
  * Authored geektalkd, a TCP-based chat server for users of skylab.org.
     (Featured in the March 2003 issue of Linux Journal!)
  * Created a tool for group communications via text messaging at large
     political protests.  (Featured in the Oregonian, on OPB Radio, and
     several other media outlets.)
  * Wrote GimpGallery, a plugin for The Gimp (a UNIX Photoshop work-alike)
     that creates web galleries from directories of photos.

Portland Linux/Unix Group                       July 1998 - September 2000
  * Authored scripts to maintain and update the official PLUG mailing
     list archive.

:::::-  SKILLS  -:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Programming/Scripting: Java, Perl/mod_perl, Python, XML (DOM and SAX), C,
                       SQL, bash.

Systems Administration: User administration, Apache, NIS, NFS, NAT, ssh,
                        POP3, IMAP, firewalls, SMB/Samba.  Linux, Solaris.

:::::-  EDUCATION  -::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Portland State University                         Graduated September 2006
BS Mathematics, Minor in Computer Science

:::::-  http://plumpy.skylab.org/  -::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::